4 Reasons That Leather Collars For Dogs Are A Wise Investment

Getting a new puppy is fun and exciting. When you go to the pet store, you look at your list. You get puppy food that will help your pup grow big and strong. You decide between a simple soft dog bed and the confines of a crate, which will help train the pup and give it a secure space that belongs to him or her alone. You find a toy or two to distract them, bones and treats to help train them and give them something to chew on. Then, you find the aisle with leashes and collars. The row stretches in front of you, filled with bright colors and patterns, shiny links and supple leather. You find the ones that will fit your pup size-wise, but now what do you choose? There are some benefits to a nylon collar, and those can be explored elsewhere. Here we have four reasons you might want to choose one of the leather collars spread out in front of you.

Leather Can Last Longer

Leather is a more durable fabric. It stands up to the weather and, when taken care of properly, will last a lot longer than a nylon collar on a pet that spends a majority of time outdoors. A leather collar can be cleaned with soap and water to cut down on the smell and keep it looking good and supple enough to maintain its shape and avoid stretching.

Leather Is the Answer if Your Pet is Allergic to Nylon

leather collars for dogs

Some dogs have an allergy to nylon, so putting a collar on them that presses against skin and fur all day, every day only leads to expensive vet bills and a long time recovering from something that could have been avoided. If your pet shows signs of a nylon allergy, the best alternative is going to be leather. This natural material is not going to irritate the skin in the same manner as the nylon collar will.

Leather Looks Better

This is typically a matter of personal preference. However, some people believe that certain breeds look more distinguished with a leather collar. Others believe that any dog looks regal and well-trained when you put a leather collar on him or her. This may be an effort to deceive via the first impression, but it also can be seen as a way of making a dog look good and having a quality collar that helps with control and keeps the dog safe at the same time.

Leather Breaks Under Pressure

A decent amount of pressure can break a leather collar, while the same cannot be said of nylon collars. In the case of a dog fight or even rough horseplay, a nylon collar can get caught on another dog’s jaw and cause strangulation. This can be a difficult situation to deal with. In a comparable situation with a leather collar, the collar will typically break.

Investing in leather collars for dogs can be a smart move. It can be a bigger cost initially, but since the collar tends to last longer it is worth the cost to purchase the collar.